About Us

Zero Knowledge is a blog and forum for Business and Technology professionals and enthusiasts(to the pessimists: you have been warned!). We help Individuals who have questions and want to learn about and discuss technology and its applications. We want to facilitate discussions with “open-source knowledge”, meaning we want to create a platform which helps the sharing of ideas and solving of problems. Unlike forums such as reddit or blogging platforms like medium, we are looking to combine the exchange of thoughts with the creation of a compendium which can be referenced and hopefully assist in pragmatic implementations of technology and generally improved business practices.

We welcome any feedback, suggestions and ideas.

The future of knowledge creation is here

Whether you are looking for a solution or you have one but aren’t yet sure of the problem, come and join us! We can work together to overcome challenges and achieve more.

We are interested in Maths, Accountancy, Programming, Marketing, Economics, Art, Business and Brain teasing riddles. Our interests are presently concentrated on Blockchains and their applications.

Why “Zero Knowledge”?

We calculated the fraction of the sum of all our knowledge and the sum of all knowledge on the planet and apparently our calculator only has ten decimal places. And this.